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FF Mister K Splendid reveals a new aspect of FF Mister K’s ever-evolving personality. The complementary pair of Light and Regular fonts is inspir… Read More
FF Mister K Splendid reveals a new aspect of FF Mister K’s ever-evolving personality. The complementary pair of Light and Regular fonts is inspired by Kafka’s description of two well-dressed, well-mannered but not very obedient friends. Their character is translated into strongly connected, gracefully flowing strokes with occasional flourishes. These variants still include the typical Mister K underlines, cross-outs and editing marks. They feature a case-sensitive function that improves the legibility of acronyms and all-cap words. The Splendids were designed with a special focus on optimal web readability, yet they also look great on the printed page. Read Less
Continuing with her use of Kafka’s often ironic literary oeuvre as an inspirational source, FF Mister K designer Julia Sysmäläinen has created two new web friendly designs – FF Mister K Splendid Regular and Light.
“... two friends, one of them blond, resembling Richard Strauss, smiling, reserved, clever; the other dark, correctly dressed, well mannered yet firm, too dainty, lisped; both of them gourmets, kept drinking wine, coffee, beer, brandy, smoked incessantly, one poured for the other …” — Franz Kafka
The two new designs, based on the lively and quirky charms of the two Danish friends as described by Kafka, are both well dressed, well mannered, enjoy the pleasures of life but have their own little faults and exaggerations. Together they make a splendid “semi perfect” typeface duo bringing delight to both large and small screens as well as printed pages.
These two new FF Mister K Splendids are also the first members of the family available as web fonts. While the original FF Mister K’s complex OpenType layout features and large file size make it not yet ready for embedding in websites, FF Mister K Splendid has been designed especially with web use in mind, demonstrating what is possible with today’s webfonts.
Underlines, cross-outs and editing marks
Julia Sysmäläinen is a designer and a philologist with Finnish-Russian cultural background. She works in corporate design, visual identity and type for such clients as Altia, American Academy in Berlin, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, FontShop, Gravis, Iitala, MEAG, Ottobock, Paulmann, Sentres, visitBerlin. Julia is currently employed at Edenspiekermann Berlin as a design director. Connected to her visual identity work, Julia developed pictogram systems for ICS Bank, RaboDirekt Bank, Sentres, visitBerlin and WineStein. She is doing type design for different clients and foundries.

Her typeface FF Mister K, inspired by the manuscripts of Franz Kafka, won several awards (Modern Cyrillic Award, ISTD Premier Award, TDC Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design).
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