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    Breakdown of fanart digital painting.
So, recently I made a little challenge with my friend digital artist - Muflord 
The goal was to draw each other in Star Wars scene. 
First, I found one good lookin' movie screenshot with good exposition of characters.
(Yeah, I know - it's Phantom Menace. But this part of movie wasn't YET blasphemed by Jar-Jar... and there is Liam Nesson!)
Next, I took a photo of Kamil. The key was to get him in the same position as Obi-Wan, and get lightened in familiar way. I was too lazy to get a lamp, so I've just used sun:D
There is no tracing. I quickly mark the silhouettes, and start to lay down the basic colors for background.
I like to analise and draw every element separately. It's kinda cool, because from one photo I get known how this room is planned and what kind of system is used in design (there's always some kind of system:)
Thankfully, there is master teacher Nesson, to cover my mistake with perspective:D
I'm skipping the droid, cause... yeah, I'm too lazy. Again.
And finally, there is Kamil - with subtle padawan ponytail.
I like the fact, that his eyes here look like they have no whites. Like he is under the influence of marijuana, or other Force amplifier:]
Bonus feature, when you draw every element on different layer - you can easily convert your painting into little animation or 3D picture:]