Copper Leaf Series
Inspiration from nature
Each of the pieces in this series starts as a leaf.
A real leaf.

Then I pick it up, press it flat to dry, drop it on my copier and use it as the shape template for cutting out of a sheet of copper.  Once cut out, I carefully hand hammer form it into the richly textured final shape, add a patina to bring out the details and polish.

Most of these are pendants, but my sister-in-law does own a barrette from this series, and I plant to make more barrettes and earrings in addition to more pendants.
All of the current designs are North American White Oak leaves, but other species are planned for inclusion.

The newest of the leaves, this one was created for a dear friend as a Winter Solstice gift.
Also from the fall of 2010, this one features a rich red heat patina down in it's details.
This set is from the winter of 2009, and is the second attempt at making copper leaves. The earrings are based on the same leaf as the pendant. One was of course flipped to make them look symmetrical as a pair.
This one is the first in the series, made in early fall 2009.