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Vinnytsia city wayfinding systems

From the banks of the Southern Bug

Vinnytsia is a city with a rich history that dates back to the 15th century. It played an important role as a trade and cultural center. During the Second World War, the famous battle of Prokhorivka took place near the city. After World War II, Vinnytsia became an industrial center. Today it is a large city with modern infrastructure and preserved historical heritage.

We started work on the project even before the full-scale invasion of Russia, in December 2021 the presentation of the project was held. After the start of the war, Vinnytsia became a major humanitarian hub and welcomed many refugees from different regions of Ukraine. Work on the concept was finalized in mid-2022. We love and respect the city team very much, we have been working together for 4 years, and we believe in the realization of this project.

Colors, fonts, maps, icons

The basis of the concept was the tourism brand of Vinnytsia, which was created several years ago, and specially developed fonts that are widely used in the city. Several color versions were worked out, the main one being blue with orange.

A detailed micro and macro map has been developed, they will be located on totems and used in the city's printed production. Stylistic pictograms were worked out for the main attractions of the city.​​​​​​​

General map of WAYFINDING elements and routes

We developed a map of the first stage of the installation process of navigation elements. We have shown a main tourist zone and a special route (as the main tourist stream) that will help tourists fully discover the city. The route begins near one of the main tourist attractions of the city, which is the first on the way from the railway/bus station on the way to the center and ends at the tourist information center. The route itself takes 2-3 hours and will help you get to know the city better. 
On the way to follow the route, the navigation fully guides the tourist, indicating the main locations of the city.

Stainless steel + GRAVING​​​​​​​

When walking around, we revealed a lot of stainless steel elements. So we decided to put on respect, but don’t overtighten all the old memories. We chose this material for the working concept. The frame is made of stainless steel with a firm decorative element and the look of engraved savory stainless steel with a map of the place. Printing elements of the composite.

The great oak

We have developed a unique park navigation system based on natural materials for park areas. The main material is oak, which is over 70 years old. For installation in the ground, we made a special box, which will save the wood from water. We chose an aluminum composite in the quality of the Printing material. Totem is easy to install, and maintain.

Second color version

When developing the concept of navigation, we are working on several options. We work through all options to the smallest detail and make layouts and renders of all concepts. For Vinnytsia, we made 3 conceptual solutions, one of which is a simplified one that differs in the design of the totem, it is less versatile, and printed designs cannot be replaced so quickly, but as a positive side, the design is cheap. It uses less stainless steel and hides many elements in the frame. Only a decorative stainless steel element remained.


p.s. 🇺🇦

We are a Ukrainian company based in Ukraine. We have a large team from different cities in Ukraine. We were shocked on February 24, 2022, and our main task was to survive and relocate. When the first days passed, we began to volunteer to help citizens of Kharkiv to get humanitarian aid. We are doing everything we can for Ukraine to win this senseless war. We hope that one day we will be able to continue full-fledged work in Ukraine, and for now, we are trying to refocus on the external market and load the studio with work.

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Vinnytsia city wayfinding systems

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Vinnytsia city wayfinding systems

We started working with the city team on the first project back in 2019, and since then we have all seriously grown, which can be seen from joint Read More