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UPS – Brand Positioning Campaign
UPS is a global logistics brand with over one hundred years of tradition. Its products and services are contemporary, relevant and competitive. However, the brand image does not reflect this in Germany, where UPS has become too quiet in recent years and the brand is not doing particularly well, especially in the dimensions of modernity, relevance and proximity.
The global brand platform "Be unstoppable" aims to give more contemporary spirit into the brand. Our network friends from The Martin Agency developed a campaign for the platform that focuses on the mindset of SMBs. However, this was not the right fit for the German market and the German brand reality. A simple adaptation of the campaign would have not achieved the KPIs for Germany.
English translated manifesto
We developed a stand-alone campaign that can be used in Germany and Europe, and that pays tribute to the global platform. We developed a concept that reflects the specific thinking and actions of SMBs in this country: Not aggressively competitive, but persistent, full of energy and working towards the goal with innovative ideas and solutions - the "hurdles" concept. Because just as SMB owners overcome the special hurdles of their businesses, UPS helps to overcome all hurdles in shipping logistics. So that nothing more stands in their way of success. A brand film and different product films full of energy show European SMBs that UPS understands what drives them and establishes the brand as a true partner at eye level for solving their problems. Additionally, the campaign is supported on social media and via banners in the performance area.
German Social 30sec versions:
UPS international shipping - customs clearance made easy.
UPS international shipping - in a few simple steps.
UPS E-Commerce – Organize shipping made easy
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UPS – Brand Positioning Campaign

UPS – Brand Positioning Campaign