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    Quirinus (from the Quadrix puzzle series by G. Sarcone) is an incredible puzzle that plays with paradoxes and has "magical" visual properties!
Inspired from the astrological tables, here is a new puzzle designed according to the 'Golden Number Rules' which is reflected in the proportion of each single piece of the game. Thanks to the balanced dimensions of its pieces, this puzzle acquires some intriguing magical properties!
Object of the puzzle game:
Fit the small extra piece into the puzzle without altering its original dimensions. All the pieces must lie tight and flat! Impossible? See the solutions below.
Ziel des Spieles:
Es geht darum das kleine Zusatzstück in das Puzzel einzufügen ohne dessen Grösse zu verändern. Dies scheint unmöglich! Es is jedoch machbar, da dieses Puzzel gewisse Paradoxe der Geometrie verwenden.
Solution of the puzzle
This animated demonstration is more eloquent than all theories (control the volume of the audio before starting):
Here is a variant made in hard plastic cut using water-jet technology with an accuracy/precision of 0.01 mm
Can you unravel how this magic trick works? Below is another variant of the puzzle with solution.
Puzzle variant
I am looking for a game manufacturer able to produce and distribute this incredible puzzle. You can contact me through my website.