R E P U B L l K
Editorial design.
We were given five articles by our teacher and we had to choose one from the five.
We had  to design a cover page, contents page and the article itself. I decided to choose
the article entitled 911 at eleven.
Concept and development
It is uncanny that Al Queda picked on a date which Americans scribe numerically as 911, a number which is also the national emergency phone number in the United States.
The events of 9/11 are as catastrophic in human terms as are earthquakes in natural terms, and as is the World recession is in economic terms. On reading the article I feel it suggests that the 9/11 disaster was comparable if
not insignificant to when compared to the “seismic “ economic events of the past few years. It is for this reason that I use the analogy of the Seismograph when conveying my
interpretation of this article. I analogised the article as the earth’s technic plates crashing against each other as depicted in a seismograph and also by showing pages crashing against each other causing type to skew on its background. I also used typography as imagery to depict the sense of power and
destruction. My use of colours red and blue, represent republican and democratic politicians competing for recognition. but which I interspersed with black to
represent sorrow, disaster and death.
I feel that the word republic means a community but everyone is different in
size and shape and everyone is unique in there own sense. Everyone has a story and
people hold back on telling their story. I wanted to keep the masthead and cover
silent to show the feeling of obscurity.I placed the black square over the image to
portray a sense of mystery which is behind the box. So the cover isn’t revealing
everything inside and it makes you the viwer wanting to investigate it further.
Final solution
R E P U B L l K