Black and white series
My latest photographs all have been sort of black and white. I didn't really did this on purpose, but it came out better this way. I'm assembling three photographs into one project. They fit together because they are all black and white (first one has some tinting though). Each photograph has its own story.
This photograph was taken a while ago and is a submission to the fourth pack of Heartsurge, called 'Awakening'.  This piece is called 'Do not let this happen again' and is taken in Belgium, at the Tyne Cot cemetery. This cemetry is there to commemorate the soldiers who died in the First World War. It is also there to evoke a realisation within peoples notion that this is the result of war, or perhaps even more striking, belief ( not purely as in religion, but believing on itself, even if its believing in the wrong thing ), and may never happen again.
This photo is taken in Amsterdam and is also a contribution to the artgroup I'm co-owner of, Revuh. It's part of the seventh artpack called 'Freestyle'. This piece is called 'Everlong', named after the famous song of the Foo Fighters. I printed this on a fortex plate, 120x80 cm, and it's hanging on my wall in Amsterdam!
This is contribution to the third artpack of Heartsurge, called 'Exhibit C'. It is taken in Italy previous summer, and I called it 'Endure'.
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