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FoodBoom festival


FoodBoom is member and supporter of the Hungarian street food revolution. Since 2016, they have been working to put Győr (HU) and the region on the gastro map of the country. 

Every year, they bring the country's hottest street food vendors and boom the city with a real gastronomic buzz!

Hand-drawn, chunky logotype which feels llike you could have a bite out of it.


In 2020, we created the festival's official re-cups, which needed to portray festival's hometown, Győr. We were aware of how important is for the brand, that everything is local and artisan.


In 2021, there was the perfect time to collaborate with Vaskakas Brewery and to create the festival's signature beer. The IPA got the name Lazy Wolf to honor those beautiful and laid back summer-time sundowns.

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Photo credits: FoodBoom

FoodBoom festival

FoodBoom festival

Visual design for a hungarian food truck festival, named FoodBoom.


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