Two spots in two weeks? What is this Bizarr-O world?
So this was an intro one of our animators has been working on and off on for the last two months. He really likes particles. It started from trying to replicate a Video Copilot tutorial and blossomed into a full flegded project. 
This spot stretches across several design programs and features an array of different design elements including 2D, 3D, and video.
"Tune in at 06:00 EGT to watch our award winning broadcast with anchors Rog Wonthreen and Voomira. Prepare for tomorrow with Entayta Pulgoy , the best weather woman this side of the Jogyan Nebula, and catch all of last nights highlights with former Xreehball MVP K'Potorgaar the Gargantuan."
"Galactic 4 News: Your Light for Years"