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Football club Spartak official rebranding

Football Club Spartak official rebranding
The most titled and popular club in Russia


Working with such a legendary and powerful brand as Spartak, you constantly feel a huge responsibility. Millions of people will see the result, and everything connected with the club is important to them.

For many people both inside and outside the country, Spartak is Russia's main sporting brand and part of the country's cultural code. The rhombus appeared in the distant 30s and has remained virtually unchanged since then, except that after the war the stripe changed its direction. This symbol is truly sacred: laconic and clear, it is one of the best sporting signs of our history.

A colossal amount of work has been done on all aspects of the brand: a carefully updated emblem, a new visual identity, exclusive club fonts, elements, patterns and much more.

Photo: press-service FC Spartak-Moscow, Championat (Dmitry Golubovich), Monochrome, Radiopatriki
​​​​​​​Exclusive highlight font created in collaboration with Ivan Gladkikh (TypeType)
Many thanks to Julia Efimova and Dmitry Petrov for their help with the project
Co-authored works are marked with an asterisk

Spartak's new corporate identity is based on a mix of different elements, such as a font and a set of frames (in the form of swords, helmets, shields). By combining the components with each other, different compositions can be created, which will allow the club to expand its branding possibilities.

Two trends are at the heart of the identity: the Avant-Garde period (the 1920s) and the aesthetics of Ancient Rome. Their intersection — the spirit of photographs characteristic of the avant-garde with sharp light falling from above and unusual angles and poses.

All elements — fonts, patterns, keywijuals — perfectly combine with each other, creating an even greater variety of compositions for any media, from print and digital to paraphernalia.

The football club actively collaborates with fashionable brands in the country and creates impressive collections of actual products.

Football club Spartak official rebranding


Football club Spartak official rebranding

FC Spartak official rebranding, the most titled and popular club in Russia