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heath 慶方 | Identity Enhancement

heath 慶方  |  Identity Enhancement

Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Shu, Hong Kong, heath is a 40,000 sq ft brand new shopping destination that offers unique experience of dining, retail and culture, housed under the history of the well-known Chungking Mansions. Welvermind has been appointed for enhancing the existing brand identity of heath, with the focus on crafting the Chinese wordmark "慶方" of heath.

The project objective is to consolidate the brand identity of heath through the design of Chinese workmark along with the applications and usages with the existing brand identity elements, including the "H" icon and the English wordmark. 

The Chinese wordmark is crafted with the concept of merging the original "H" icon into the design and comes in different proportions and variations for various usages. Together with the fine-tune of details in the existing logo lockup, a refreshed and consolidated brand identity is created with the idea to enhance the brand perception and recognition of heath among both Chinese and English-speaking audiences.

heath 慶方  |  Identity Enhancement

Agency | Welvermind
Creative Direction | Jason Tsang @Welvermind & Marcus Cheng
Graphic Design & Photography | Jason Tsang
Project Management | Marcus Cheng
Client: heath

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heath 慶方 | Identity Enhancement

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heath 慶方 | Identity Enhancement

Identity enhancement project for heath with the primary focus of crafting the Chinese workmark based on the existed brand identity elements.