Emoting Architecture
In this project I took a collection of Tel Aviv city functions and their architectural language, and meshed them together while trying to interpret what they are trying to "tell" us.

The passerby should feel engaged by the building and can experience an alternative street experience while walking through the inner street of the project. Instead of merely using a building and its function, I tried to make the occupants feel as if they are the building.

Towards the street the functions are more clear and the occupants know which part they are playing and how they are being viewed from the city street.
The garden facade is more ambiguous in that regard. The perforated steel mesh hides and distorts the functions.

The end result is a building in which both the occupants and the functions play a role similar to actors in a play. To accentuate this, there is a street stage, an inner auditorium and a garden facing customizable stage for larger scale performances, all linked together and enabling a seamless performance that draws the people in from the street, takes them inside the building and "ejects" them into the garden stage.
Project location in context with Disengoff Center and the Bima.
The above schematic shows how the city functions mesh together in my project as well as what they are expressing in relation to the city.

The offices lean as if they are looking down on us.
The theater opens its mouth to speak.
The stores are walking into the street and try to pull us in.
- Level -1 - Auditorium
- Ground Level - Placement and Entrances
- Level 1
- Level 2
- Level 3 - Upper Walkway
Quick unrendered walkthrough
A short walkthrough movie of the project.