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Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art
240 PAGES  |  22 X 30 CM  |  300+ ILLUSTRATIONS
Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art is a book about the paintings and calligraphy of Bujinkan Soke, Masaaki Hatsumi. Hatsumi Sensei is the head instructor of nine Japanese martial traditions. He paints for students during break at his dojo in Noda City, Japan.
The book is bound using a traditional Japanese sewn spine utilizing nine holes. In this case, the nine holes represent the nine Japanese martial traditions Hatsumi Sensei is the head instructor of:
Togakure Ryū
Shinden Fudō Ryū
Kotō Ryū
Takagi Yōshin Ryū
Kuki Shinden Ryū
Gyokko Ryū
Gikan Ryū
Gyokushin Ryū
Kumogakure Ryū
The book was successfully funded through Kickstarter and the last copies are available here:
Every book has a sheet of Japanese paper stitched in as a flyleaf which Hatsumi Sensei can sign at his classes in Japan. In this way, the book is a collection of Hatsumi Sensei’s art plus, if signed, one more piece of art painted specifically for the individual student.
The book is typset in both Japanese and English. There are short essays in the front of the book and a prologue by Masaaki Hatsumi himself.
The book is divided into themed sections showcasing artwork and never before seen action photos of the artist training his students in Japan.
The back of the book contains a section where artwork with calligraphy is written in Japanese and translated into English.
The artist's signature and stamp are embossed on the back cover.
To learn more and see video interviews with the artist, please visit:
Dojo Art | Art Catalogue

Dojo Art | Art Catalogue

Art book about the painting and calligraphy of a Japanese martial arts master.
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