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    A Students journey through self–promotion.
First alot of research and writing. Formaulating a plan of action for your marketing is critical.
Both semsters fall under the Creative Brief and the new self promotion course will have all these items in one semester making the program very cohesive and straight forward.
About me worksheet.
The about me starts with a 500 word essay completed with promts, moves to 100 words, 50 words, and finally is pared down to 10 words for a tagline!
You have a two minute ride from the top of the Empire Stae building to the bottom what would say to your design hero in that amount of time? This tiny, little paragraph can take more time than the 500 word essay does!
Selfie, sorta.
Too much seriousness can roit the mind! Crayon time!
Halloween Coloring Contest! 
A large sheet of butcher block paper, crayons, two hours, and a word. GOOOOO.
Fill the entire sheet of paper
Tell a story : beginning, middle, and end.
Use the word given to you!
Hocus Pocus
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Yep she landed a job before graduating!