Imagine That!
SJSU Recruitment Video (Behind the scenes)

Belm Designs and SJSU worked together on a series of recruitment videos, so we thought it would be cool to show some of the behind the scenes pictures during the production. Below you'll see the voice over talent during the voice over phase along with various other photos of the editing and scoring during the project.

Check out one of the videos from the series along with high-res photo extracts in our "Imagine That!"  post.

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Mic check...
M.Bell discussing script with voice over talent Ela.
Studio B - Belm Designs
Scoring the video... Everything in the video is timed to the beat of the music track.
Recording session in progress.
Mixdown of the final takes that will be used in the project.
Various screen shots during the audio production phase.
Various frames from the video
Ending sequence and call to action