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    A rebranding book with guidelines for the Hoyle playing card line.
Hoyle Rebranding
Identity, 2011
For this project we had to pick a dead or dying brand and create a new identity to breathe life into it. I chose Hoyle, the card manufacturer that is now a part of the United States Playing Card Company. Interestingly enough, the man the company is named after never made a playing card in his life. Edmond Hoyle (1672–1769) was a writer, tutor & lawyer by trade. In his day, card games were activities played by the wealthy, and he gained the respect of high society by teaching aristocrats the rules and strategies of card games. Over the years, card games have become a past time enjoyed by all, so I thought it would be interesting to bring Hoyle back to its upscale roots, to move beyond games and to refocus the brand on informing the leisure activities of the wealthy.The blind debossed pages are meant to represent a "clean slate" for Hoyle while at the same time displaying the attention to detail the brand now brings to all its services.

Thanks to Gaston Yagmourian for his guidance in this project.