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    Dynamic pictures to be used in fashion and advertising
Images become dynamic
I would like to present here a visual kinetic media of my creation, which I called “Rotating Kinegram”. This new media is based on a simple visual phenomenon known as ‘persistence of vision’.
“Rotating Kinegram” is a development of the classic Kinegram process [Read more here]. While with classic Kinegram process the still image comes to life as soon as an overlay with solid vertical lines is slid across it, with Rotating Kinegram process instead the still image animates when a transparent disc with printed radial stripes is spun over it. See below a very simple example.
And here the "Rotating Kinegram" is in action: the radial stripes reveal an hypnotic pulsating movement...
Kinegrams can be used in interactive children books, animated advertising cards, works of art, and to decorate watches in a dynamic fashion. Below are some Kinegram ideas I have experimented with.
If the hand of the seconds of a watch is replaced with the Kinegram special disc, when it revolves over the still image printed on the dial different sections of lines become visible, creating a sequence of images that give the illusion of fluid motion, as shown in the examples below.
Arhythmic - Compulsive seconds. © giannisarcone.com
Another example with a more fluid linear motion:
Flowing time. © giannisarcone.com
A more macabre and complex “Rotating Kinegram” involving running dog’s skeletons. You can see below the sequence of 5 images before they were sliced and reassembled into one single image.
The overall dynamic effect looks like a “zoopraxiscope”, the early toy displaying motion pictures.
Memento Mori. © giannisarcone.com
Source of this article: http://giannisarcone.com/Kinegrams.html