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Industrial Design
a toothbrush with a toothpaste tablet dispenser
Duration: 5 days
Project Type: Personal Project / Design Sprint
Designer:  Pelin Özbalcı 
The separate toothbrush and toothpaste setup has been a persistent issue for individuals on the move, especially while traveling. Juggling two separate items not only occupies valuable space in travel bags but also leads to spills and messes, causing inconvenience and unhygienic situations. This results in travelers compromising on their oral care routine, which can have adverse effects on their dental health. Furthermore, the lack of a proper storage solution for toothbrushes in hotels, hostels, and other travel destinations exposes them to unhygienic surfaces, posing additional health risks.
To address the challenges faced by travelers and individuals seeking hassle-free oral care on the go, I designed "one&done," a toothbrush with a twist. This innovative toothbrush takes inspiration from a specific candy dispenser brand and securely holds up to 20 toothpaste tablets within its compact design. By combining the toothbrush and toothpaste into one easy-to-use device, "one&done" eliminates the need for separate items, making oral care during travel spill-free and effortless. Additionally, the toothbrush's sustainable design, with replaceable brush parts, contributes to reducing plastic waste, promoting a greener and more eco-friendly approach to oral care.​​​​​​​
The "one&done" toothbrush showcases a stunning Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) design, combining both style and functionality seamlessly. The top part, available in three vibrant colors - coral, blueberry, and lagoon - adds a touch of personality to your oral care routine. On the back, the engraved "one&done" name proudly stands as a testament to its innovative design.
The bottom part features frosted transparent plastic, allowing users to keep track of their toothpaste tablet consumption. The soft-touch plastic bottom cap ensures durability and a secure grip on any surface when used upright.
To further enhance the travel experience, "one&done" features a wide flat bottom surface, allowing users to store the toothbrush upright in hotels, hostels, or anywhere they travel. This clever storage solution prevents excessive contact with unhygienic places, ensuring a more sanitary and germ-free oral care routine.
The toothbrush's cap, crafted from hard plastic with a slightly darker shade, elegantly attaches to the toothbrush with magnets, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated finish. With "one&done," your toothbrush becomes a statement of style and practicality, perfectly complementing your adventurous lifestyle.
Commitment to sustainability in mind, I've made "one&done" even more eco-friendly with its replaceable brush feature. Traditional toothbrushes contribute to plastic waste, but not anymore! By opting for "one&done," you're taking a step towards reducing your environmental impact. When it's time to replace the brush part, simply detach it and replace it with a new one, while the remaining parts remain intact for extended use. This innovative design not only ensures top-notch oral care but also minimizes plastic waste, making your smile both healthy and environmentally conscious.
Drawing inspiration from a specific candy dispenser brand to create a delightful toothpaste tablet delivery mechanism for "one&done." Picture this - with a simple twist, designed the upper part of the toothbrush to unlock and open, revealing a smart mechanism inside. When you twist it open, a single toothpaste tablet is neatly dispensed, ready for you to use. This playful and efficient mechanism not only adds a touch of fun to your oral care routine but also ensures that you get just the right amount of toothpaste for a perfect smile. Embrace the candy dispenser-inspired twist of "one&done" and elevate your toothbrushing experience like never before!
​​​​​​​ With "one&done," travelers can now maintain their oral hygiene routine conveniently and confidently while embarking on their adventures without compromising on health and cleanliness.
Embrace the elegance of simplicity with the "one&done" packaging, designed to captivate and intrigue at first glance. Crisp, clean, and predominantly white, the packaging exudes a sense of purity and sophistication. A subtle yet striking splash of color adorns the front, offering a delightful hint of what awaits inside - the vibrant shades of coral, blueberry, and lagoon.​​​​​​​
Embossed images tell the story within, providing a visual preview of the contents. A toothbrush silhouette graces the packaging of the "one&done" toothbrush, a symbol of convenience and innovation. For the refill tablets, a mesmerizing pattern of circles signifies the foundation of your sparkling smile. And as you unveil the replaceable brush replacements, a trio of embossed brush images assures you of the product's longevity and eco-conscious design.
This thoughtfully crafted packaging serves as a subtle nod to the essence of "one&done" - simplicity, functionality, and style. As you hold it in your hands, you'll feel the promise of a remarkable oral care experience, perfect for travelers seeking seamless convenience and a touch of artistic flair. With "one&done," every detail has been carefully considered, and the packaging sets the stage for a journey of unparalleled smiles and unforgettable adventures.
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Industrial design, branding, art direction, visualization, packaging design made by Pelin Özbalcı


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