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Motion Graphics - Anger Management

Motion Graphics
After Effects

 This short voice-over animation is from 'Anger Management' by Mayo Clinic Staffs. I made a demo of a voice-over animation as a side project to illustrate few tips to control anger. Hope these illustratic senese could help people feel ease sometimes.

Article from Mayoclinic:

Anger management is a series of short voice-over animations for helping people to learn how to control their emotion.

Since the goal of this video is to help people to release stress, I was inspired by pottery which can be a good story container as well as beauty of art.

As for character design, I learn collages from Henri Matisse. I combine textures, gradient and geometry to the style frames.

I design three elements in the series of story to convey the main idea of Anger management _ Help, calm and think.

Hand -> Self-Help
Mountain -> Peaceful place
Pottery ->Container of Anger

Chapter 01
Think before you speak
video Link​​​​​​​

Chapter 02
Express your concerns

Chapter 03
Get some exercise

Chapter 04
Take a timeout

Chapter 05
Identify possible solutions

Chapter 06
Stick with 'I' statements

Chapter 07
Don't hold a grudge

Chapter 08
Use humor to release tension

Chapter 09
Practice relaxation skills

Chapter 10
Know when to seek help

--- Side project included illustration design,storyboard and animation by Carol in 2022 ----

Voice over:

Motion Graphics - Anger Management


Motion Graphics - Anger Management