Matador Chair

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  • Concept : Nic Kelly
    Design : Nic Kelly, Shane Talbot
    Built : Nic Kelly, Anthea Bakopanos
    Photography : Shane Talbot
  • Exhibited: VIVID 2011 (Melbourne) - Finalist, Concept Division.
    Exhibited: WORKSHOPPED 2011 (Sydney).

    The Matador chair is inspired by the inherent chaos of the bullfights of Spain. The story of the bullfightis displayed in the Matador chair through the proud stance of the leg pieces,representing both the physical posture of the bull and the attitude and showmanship of the matador. The sharp lines of the seat allude to the erratic and chaotic movements of the bull. Just as the matador controls the bull with subtle coercion, the leg pieces appear to control the directional changes of the seat.
    The clean lines, modern aesthetic and ergonomic sitting position of the Matador chair lends itself to contemporary homes as the perfect accompaniment to a crisp dining table. The Matador chair is also suited to cafes or restaurants. In addition the bold nature of the chair provides opportunities for use in the boardroom.
    The seat and backrest of the chair is made from 20mm ‘coffee’ coloured bamboo plywood. Bamboo was chosen for its excellent strength to weight ratio, its environmentally sustainable properties and its beautiful aesthetic. The leg and armrest pieces are made from two layers of 12mm marine hardwood plywood for added rigidity. The bamboo is finished with aprotective coat of matte polyurethane, while the marine plywood is finished in a matte white paint.
    The dimensions of the seat have been carefully researched and tested to not only provide a chair that is visually striking but also ergonomically supportive. The Matador chair is designed to be flat packed and assembled by the user.
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