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Kaiju Big Battel X Kota Ibushi - T-Shirt Design

((( UPDATED INFORMATION 2016 in the bottom )))

This design is for a official T-shirt of a collaboration; Kaiju Big Battel (not typo!) the live monster porformance group from NYC, and Kota Ibushi the Japanese pro-wrestler, 3 times NJPW-IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

I made the design Japanese kaiju movie poster -esque, and titled it "イブシ大戦闘 / Ibushi Daisento" (mean "Ibushi Big Battle") as 'Dr. Cube's Posse VS. Kota Ibushi'.
Ibushi entered NJPW's ring, wearing this T-shirt.

This T-shirt is available worldwide only here (written in Japanese and English):
All the profit goes to Ibushi’s Kaiju Big Battel project.
Please support them!

-  2 0 1 6  U P D A T E  -

So, FINALLY the thing was happened in the midnight of April 1st, 2016!
It was a battle that very typical of him to do, and I liked it a lot.

A poster version of this design was sold in a limited way at the event. And they sent me a signed one.
Anyway, I'm truly grateful to Ibushi-san and people who bought the T-shirt for the project.
And, he challenged WWE shortly after that. Keep support him, and hope Kaiju get a next chance..!?

Kaiju Big Battel
Live monster performance from NYC
Thank you for looking!
Kaiju Big Battel X Kota Ibushi - T-Shirt Design


Kaiju Big Battel X Kota Ibushi - T-Shirt Design

A T-shirt design for Kaiju Big Battel x Kota Ibushi collaboration.