2015 Magnuson Superchargers Product Catalog…. 12 High Res images of amazing client cars.  
Website Redesign (Work In Progress) 
Check out the future look of the Magnuson Superchargers Corporate site
current in development. click here to view WIP 
Fall Special Custom Designed Emailer for Magnuson Clients.
To view more emailers and landing pages please click here 
Facebook Cover for New Product coming soon.
Youtube Channel Design and Strategy. 
Printed Marketing Materials 
Marketing Materials: Popup Banners designed for the Magnuson Booth at the SEMA Trade show. 
Print: Magazine ads for most major automotive magazine and other publications like Hot Rod,
Truckin, Jeep Safari, Restyling, Street Trucks, and many more. 
Web Banners: Ads Placed across the web on several major websites in the automotive vertical including
Racing Junk, Corvette Forum, Hot Rod, Truckin and many more….