Records for Life, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative, is a design contest
working towards saving people's lives. Having participated in this contest, it gave us
a unique opportunity to work on new design possibilities, interventions and solutions 
at a very grassroot level . The brief was to create/ design a functional Child's Health
Record, considering all the necessary factors and touch-points required for its effective 
implementation in today's Health System. 
Our outcome was 'First Step', a Vaccination Booklet for new Parents, to guide them
through the vaccine schedule of their new-born till the next 12 months. 'First Step' is a name
weighing the importance of care and assurance towards the new-born, supporting the parents
right from the time of the birth of their child till they take their first step towards life.
Our deisgn entry made it to the top 40 semifinalists among the 300 and more submissions.
The laminated cover page of the booklet with buttoned or magnetic flaps serves as a protective 
envelope for the record book. The content on the outer cover page is uneditable, while the inside pages 
of the booklet contains various information which can be edited and filled out by healthcare providers. 
Also, The unique registration number is punched thorugh all the pages of the booklet, to keep the
identity of each page intact, incase the pages come off. 
The booklet maintains a link between previous vaccines, their status and pending doses. 
The data is designed to be available on one open spread for each time slot, with all necessary
information and doctor’s notes and signature, in a neat and non-confusing way. 
             The booklet has been designed to incorporate any changes/upgradation/addition 
to the list of vaccines, their number of doses, or any off-schedule vaccinations, without
disturbing the overall content of the record. The booklet includes growth and
development reference chart for weight, length, head circumference graph and a
balanced diet pyramid which is very essential for first two years of life and lay down
the foundation for physical, emotional and mental development of the child.
Vaccine Health Kit: Records for Life Entry

Vaccine Health Kit: Records for Life Entry

'First Step' is a design outcome of collective minds of Pragya Singh, Nandini Murthy & Jyotish Sonowal. A health vaccination kit designed at the Read More