I've made a concertina calendar for Haglöfs | Outstanding Outdoor Equipment. The square pages are fully foldable and each page contains inspiring quotes for that exact month. The quotes are Dutch but they're also translated to English. This project was my final school exam. I hope you'll enjoy it.
The design of the white sample.
The design of the black calendar.
Realizing the A0 format calendar with a big printer.
During the measuring I adjust the fold lines ...
... And I continue with folding the pages.
The black calendar in a foldable condition.
To actually realize the real print I pay a visit to copyshop 'De Haan'.
'De Haan' supplies my product covered in foil.
After I've cut out my calendars I start to fold. This is how it turns out.
To custom make a creative packaging I buy me a wooden box, some pencils, an angled shelf strip, a staple gun, some tape and acrylic paint.
When I tape the no-paint-needed parts I'm able to paint the remaining parts.
I create some subtle pieces of the shelf strip with a saw which I'll attach to the box with glue ...
... And I put a little pressure on the pieces.
The result of the attached pieces. A little strip of pleather is added to keep the calendar at its place. I also paint a 'play button' triangle above it which represents the movement and adventure of an outdoor life.
I want to create a closure in the middle of the box so I smash two nails in it. Right after that I choose for a slim thread and a tiny bead.
To get clearance about the product I print a cover and inside cover on a sticker. Those two are getting cut out and pasted on the box.
The final result: front cover.
The final result: inside.
The quote calendar translated in English. You can find the text right below.
JANUARY: "You won't achieve anything if you don't begin."
FEBRUARY: "Those who told you that you wouldn't make it were totally wrong."
MARCH: "Life is a sport. You just have to look for the movement by yourself."
APRIL: "Sometimes you'll get cold feet. Just be glad that you're not freezing."
MAY: "With warm clothing and poles downhill. Then you know you're far from home."
JUNE: "You'll have to deal with rainfall to behold the sun in full glory after the storm."
JULY: "The grass isn't greener at the other side, it seems so."
AUGUST: "Be the person who accepted rain and didn't choose for shelter."
SEPTEMBER: "Rowing with the oars you've got. Never before you realized what that really meant."
OCTOBER: "At this moment you can only team up with this moment."
NOVEMBER: "Don't think out of the box during your travel. Think like there is no box at all."
DECEMBER: "Be the person you want to be."