A unique, handcrafted and grilled typography
    In Norway, summer = BBQ season. Or Grill season, as we say here. The competition between the grocery chains is fierce and everyone spends big amounts on marketing. As the smaller fish in this pond, Rimi had to be smarter and more unique. Therefore, we decided to create something that was relevant, unique and usable;
    Rimi´s own typography based on meat, fish, fruit & vegetables. 
    Each letter was meticulously carved by hand, and carefully grilled to perfection. We photographed each and every object before placing them on the grill, and after. We then close cropped them and ended up with the files that made the typography.


    Creative Director/Art Direction: Kjetil Wold
    Creative Director/Text: Erik Heisholt
    Art Direction: Jason Kinsella
    Senior Designer: Fredrik Melby
    Designer: Magnus Henriksen
    Project Manager: Kjersti Brinch Lund
    Photography: Colin Eick
    Case Movie: Anders Halvorsen Bergh

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