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    Signage system for the sports hall of the Industrieschule Chemnitz, Berufliches Schulzentrum für Technik I.
Industrieschule Chemnitz, Berufliches Schul-zentrum für Technik – sports hall
Signage System
The conversion of the sports hall of the Industrieschule Chemnitz vocational school offered an 
opportunity to realise a new signage concept, including guidance. Used primarily by the educational 
centre, the guidance system addresses a young and open public.

Characteristic element of the guidance system is the graphic interpretation of the lettering. 
The break-down of the letters as lined forms establishes a thematic connection to the sporting environment. Both the expression of dynamism and the typical marking of lines and playing 
areas are reflected in the typography modified for the project.

The pictogram system created for this forms a visual extension of the lettering, with which it is not 
only combined, but also interconnected.