For more than one year, a multi-disciplinary team of great thinkers worked on this amazing project. The result is an awesome website, fully responsive, built on sitecore.

Launched just in time for the 2014 edition of C2 MTL, we were happy to see the communication team update the site with news from the event. Now teams from our 5 offices in NY, Paris, MTL, Amsterdam and Toronto can update their respective page. We also integrated the different units website under one unique umbrella structure. (Sid Lee, Sid Lee Architecture, Jimmy Lee, Sid Lee Technologies and Sid Lee Entertainment.
MANY people worked on this project. Here are most of them (in no particular order):

- Creative director: Christian Ayotte
- Art director: Etienne St-Denis
- Designer: Émilie Salles
- Graphic artist: Jonathan Pinard
- Valérie Boisvert
- Elida Arrizza
- Janic Beauchemin
- Maxime Daoust
- Louis Jutras
- Back-end: Daniel Landry
- Analyst: Pascal Munot
Project managers: 
- Louise-Ève Vanier
- Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint
Content team:
- Solene Lavigne-Lalonde
- Marc Desjardins
- Virginie Roy
- Julien Poisson
- Charlotte Arndal Pedersen
- Mélodie Karama
- Annie Rousseau
- Jenny Rich
SID LEE website