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    XIV International Thaikovsky competition design
 Logo was created by Chermaeff & Geismar in 2010
Violin, Voice, Cello and Piano

Aim: rejuvenate and freshen up the image of the contest. 
Goal: recover blemished reputation, broaden the audience.
TA: young people barely connected to the world of classical music, active internet users.
As the framework for building the nomination`s symbols I took the basic element from logo.
Online translations were held by http://paraclasics.com
Developing the visual metaphor.
Extra pattern made by fusion of all nomination`s patterns for use on gifts.
According to the style metaphor "Digital Tchaikovsky" real images of the composer didn`t work well as avatars, so an artificial image was created.
Rachmaninoff Prelude number 1, fifth minute