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    A quick step-by-step of the process used to create an event flyer for a nightclub in Milwaukee, WI using photoshop.
This isn't a step by step tutorial, just a few screenshots and the proofs sent to the client along with the finished image.    Oh, and if you're near Milwaukee don't miss the party!
This flyer is for a party sponsored by a local tattoo parlour, so we needed a model that was part Suicide Girl and part Video Vixen.  The nightclub and sponsors might have a problem with her "Fuck You" tattoo though, so that had to be removed.  The DJ mentioned that his crew's name would be a great replacement.
I began by airbrushing some cover up onto a new layer using a medium sized, soft brush set at around 80% opacity and switched over to 30% opacity to do final blending.  This is a fairly small area on the flyer so I moved on as soon as possible (this tattoo cover up was already pushing the project a little above budget).

I switched to the text tool, selected a tattoo script font and began rotating and using text transformations to fit the "Record Breakers" text into the space between the birds.  As a final touch I exported the text layer, shrunk it to 1/2 resolution, stretched it back to full size and imported it to a new layer in my working document.  This gave a quick approximation of the fuzzy lack of focus and jpeg artifacts so that the new tattoo matched better and wasn't too crisp.
So here we are at the first layout!  The client gave me all the text in order from top to bottom as it would appear on the final flyer (we've been working together for a while) so all I had to do was copy and paste the wording and separate each section into it's own layer.  From there it was a matter of adding text effects, tweaking the fonts and text sizes, adding a background image and cleaning up the model's background selection.
Again, this is just a quick flyer for a local party so the resolution and blending aren't as good as they could be.  The posters will look great from a few feet away though, and the postcard sized flyers and facebook invites will stand out from all the competition that weekend!  The party will too thanks to DJ JD and the Infamous Record Breakers as well as Zarko's in Milwaukee, WI.