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TD Webconference - Product Development

P   R   O   J   E   C   T
TD Webconference 2019
Client: TransformaçãoDigital.com | Year: 2019 | Country: Brazil | Team size: 4 | Technologies: RiotJS, Node.js, PHP, jQuery
General idea:

Create a system that generates online event platforms in a customized way.
As a first version, we needed a landing page with a big impact.

Main challenge:

Create a complete event management system in a short period of time,
using a lean team to achieve this objective.

Already in the first event, there were more than 100,000 subscribers, and the product has evolved and is now the basis of TD Scale and TD Originals.
This first landing page was designed by @yaisidoro

Thanks for reading!

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TD Webconference - Product Development


TD Webconference - Product Development