Yodex 2014 Pitch_ YOUNG ORGANISM
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    Young Designers' Exhibition Pitch Young Organism
新一代設計展 2014 設計提案
Young Designers' Exhibition Pitch
Young Organism
The yodex is an annual design exhibition for the youngdesigners in Taiwan, more importantly, it’s the stage for showing their talents.Each May, all the graduates from variety design departments will gather together, and inject their ambition, energy, and obsession into the industry.
To express the activity and possibility of the students, we create a serial design inspired by chemical experiments.
When two or more different ideas interact, there will be a whole new design element, which could develop into a creation with great potential, just like the organism combined by the collision of molecules.
By using points, lines, planes and solids to strengthen the dynamic and time flow, also to present the complexity during the course of work. Furthermore, with the colorful arrangement, the youthful vigor and enthusiasm are performed intensively.

Design : Chu-Chieh Lee
Produce by : Bito Studio