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    A set of prints inspired by the beauty of nature.
Floriography -
Visual Exploration
This is visual project was part of the research “Interactive Exploration in Natural Spaces”, 2014, which aimed to explore the relationship between nature and artifice through human perception.

Using paper-cuts of different plants and flowers, various graphics, patterns and design products were set up generating a whole art direction and aesthetic identity for this research. Prints, tote bags, and clothes were made for sale. 🌿
1.  All our pieces came from some floral cutouts: we cut them all then created new "species" forming groups of 2 or 3 plants.  
2. We also created three art pieces to be framed and sell: See more here.

3. Some patterns were made to be used as aestetichal elements for research documents (papers and journals) and also as moleskin covers for sell.
4. "I think about you everyday (asshole)" - cards made for San Valentine's day.

5. F L O R I O G R A P H Y designed diferent floral graphics for Edén Store to be printed in sweaters.
This winter capsule collection recived the name of #FloralShape.