We are so happy to have won 1st place at Hack4Colorado this year (and best use of the ESRI api!). My part was branding for the app as well as UX + UI again this year. Check out the live demo at happygov.com
Here's my blog post about our team + process during the hackathon.
Chris Holder / @see8ch
Team lead + Front-end dev

E.J. Ulery / @EJU1

Alex Novoselsky / @alex_connects
MySQL + Database Config

Gustavo Esquinca / @gesq_
Javascript + Front-end

Michaella Dirkes / @_Michaella
Branding + UX/Wireframing 

Jared Brown
 / @jredbrown
Branding + Presentation Design

Jonathan Georger / @jonathanGeorger
Information Architecture + Pitch Specialist