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    Photography of roads in North America.
This are the visual memories of places we have gone through. The road is always magically happy. These places are located in South USA, North Mexico. I find the road landscapes very powerful to teach oneself about natural beauty, armony and color; necesary elements of art, and they are wonderfuly inspirational when trying to find a motif.
The blue skies are more blue outside the city, and the clouds shine in front of us.
Yellows, greens, blues... Outside landscapes are just wonderful.
Sinuous paths dance to the sight. They are like emotions, never static.
Big and old trees beside a road transform the experience to one live and powerful.
Sometimes we drive in a closed scene, where short distances let us appreciate natural details in a wonderful way.
The outside feeling is always welcome from time to time. It doesn't need to be an amazing forest or other unusual road. Our earth is beautiful anywhere.
Nothing better for a model to draw, than some rocky landscape. Rocks are a so strong motif.
Yellows mix with greens and with dark grounds as if the landscape where giving us a demonstration of color composition.
Perspective in color and in distance is just so easy to find in the road.
Cloudy  roads are beautiful in desertic lands.
Open landscapes are followed by creeks, mountains and many other wonderful landscape elements, always enyoyable.
Little clouds are remarkable when the landscapes become plain and desertic.
And then, sometimes a surprise just show in front of you!
How to paint a wonderful athmosphere like this simple one...
Dark silhouettes against the light accompany every traveler.
Morning clouds in a cold-to-warm land, feels like a different world in low humidity places.
Shadows show along the way in very differnet forms. 
Colors in the sky are shown as a glimpse of how nature paints the world.
Desert lands look magestic beside the road. Dry mountains are beautiful at noon.
Seeing where we go, through the lands of the pretty horizon.
Almost reaching the mountain, it looks so friendly from this far.
Sunset in the road, a resting sight.
No straight ahead.
The clouds play in the sky as if they would be never bored.
Snow is like white oil painting in front of our eyes.
The wonderful road is bordered by happy mountains.
No composition is better favored than a nature human mix.
Mirror in the dry road at noon.
The magestic mountain.
Through the hills.
River valey.
Through the mountain.