MAYV #mayvspirit
MAYV: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
I’m excited to share with you my solution for a recent beverage product branding. My aim was to create a new identity for a whisky label that will appeal to females aged 20 - 40 (Gen Y millennials). Authentic and modern with style and substance that reflects their life, hopes and dreams.

With a history deeply embedded in the gentlemen’s lounge, Scotch whisky is in dire need of a make over. As new generations become of age, the need for more contemporary appeal has arrived. The new consumers of the 21st century have left behind tradition, instead they seek opportunities to explore, express and share their life with friends.

PROJECT: Brand identity
ELEMENTS: Logo and tagline, bottle label and packaging, website, out of home advertising and car skin.
To elevate MAYV Single Malt Scotch Whisky to a modern contemporary market leader. Doing this by challenging the pre-established, traditionally male dominated whisky drinkers category through creating an attractive brand identity that will appeal to 20 - 40 year old ready to drink (RTD), cashed up female urban dwellers.

After the initial flush of excitement and the romance of wondrous ideas settled, I was then able to focus on the process by dividing the brief into three main sections. 
My design process behind this brief involved careful attention to important details. I wanted to take this classic, history steeped product into the 21st century and by doing so, needed to demonstrate complete respect for the past, a full acknowledgment of the present, while simultaneously balancing a clear vision of the future for Scotch whisky. Once I’d embraced these elements I was able to move forward in the design process of brainstorming ideas.

1. To research the target audience, as this is a vitally important element of a brand identity and needs to be well comprehended.
2. The idea. I work out what I want to say and how best to communicate my idea to the target audience.
3. Then I begin on how best to get my message across with product, graphics, website and support advertising.

1. Target Audience
At the core of all successful brands is a strong base from which to grow. So, before I put pencil to paper, I spent time researching my target market and how best to engage their interest. Identifying what motivates these well educated, cashed up, techno savvy urban dwellers. What their aspirations are, and what they value. These city adventures are not your standard ready to drink (RTD) crowd. They live, work and play in the heart of an urban environment and have expectations of quality in product and design. Being the social generation and wired to their smart phones, they share and connect instantly via technology. Optimistic, they live in the now, being self expressive freedom seekers.
2. Idea
My Idea for the branding of MAYV was generated from the direct association to what the product is. Single malt Scotch whisky is a spirit, a strong distilled liquor, and it also doubles as the non-physical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character. I chose the word SPIRITED for the supporting tag line as it best reflected what I was wanting to communicate to the target audience and is a natural fit with the logo. Spirited is a free expression, an uninhibited way of being, living with great energy, enthusiasm and vigour. I felt spirited was a mood they could relate to and embody naturally.
Architectural inspiration
3. Logo
For me, I wanted the MAYV logo to communicate how beautiful the city can be – architecturally complex, balanced and in symmetry with its surroundings. Taking inspiration from the creation of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum and how its sculpture like structure perfectly reflects the urban surrounds. I loved how the shapes are sharp and clean yet flow as they play in the negative space. They are each individual creations yet fit perfectly together as one.
There is no separation between these urban dwellers and the city that surrounds them as they identify themselves through their environment and this is what I was wanting to achieve with the MAYV logo.
Urban grey, light and dark, is the canvas from which MAYV can express itself. The city allows the sun to shine in, it reflects the bright lights at night, the stage on which to be spirited. Aqua, like the colour of turquoise, is a personal expression of spirit. It’s expansive like the ocean, as free flowing as a river and fills the sky with dreams.
Product: bottle and label
I wanted to establish MAYV as an international market leader by breaking away from the traditional category conventions and rituals of Scotch whisky. Women’s purchases are motivated by how they feel or how a product makes them feel. Giving them a choice on how they wish to consume the product, either neat as a straight nip or as a mixer in cocktails gives MAYV an extra point of difference. We all like to have a choice and MAYV is a clear distilled single malt Scotch whisky, it exudes an urban sophistication and transparency. The blue bottle I chose to amplify the essence of the MAYV is visually stunning, it’s clean, slender and resembles an architecturally designed New York city building.
Front and back bottle labels / dieline
Complete view of the front label on the bottle
Complete view of the back label on the bottle
Transparent blue bottle with labels front and back
This figure embodies the spirited expression of MAYV. I would like to acknowledge the team at the She God Project (photo credit to Mark Seager, styling by Karen McDougall). The MAYV target audience would identify with the uninhibited expression of the female form. By flipping the figure to turn inwards, naturally leads the way for a more intimate relationship with the placement of the logo. A stronger visual identity is formed within seconds. Further into the project this becomes more apparent when adding the product (bottle and packaging) shots to the magazine advertisement.
With specific points of focus, your eye finds a place to rest as it glides down the figure, joins the dots and makes a commitment to investigate further.
Mayv Spirited support graphics
Full packaging layout and dieline for the box
MAYV bottle and box product render

We seek a harmony between body and spirit and there are many expressions to this multifaceted brand identity. Spirited can, and will be interpreted in many different ways, as each individual will have their own take on life. Please click on the website link below to discover the spirit of adventure that is at the heart of this website design. It features many shades, visual textures and interactive graphics that will drive the visitor to explore. All with a full nip of natural curiosity, each portion of an image, with a click of a button that will lead you to a new expression of MAYV Spirited. Clean with minimal words, intellectual graphics and a strong repetitive grid layout, just like the city, all making for easy navigation without the assistance of a GPS.
New York, New York (paint the town), Limo (lime bikini slice), Apple Ice (for a quick smash), and Wild Coconut (tropical island holiday). These are the experiences imagined from the MAYV cocktail bar on the website. One of the unique selling points for MAYV is that it’s clear distilled and is a perfect mixer for all fun cocktails.
Car wrap
What better way to explore the city than in a sporty, fuel economic, quality smart car, the Fiat. It’s full of European style, environmentally aware and is a popular choice for Gen Y female millennials. They are informed decision makers, consumers that are conscious of the impact that our lifestyle has on this planet, so this car makes complete sense. With a particular placement of graphics and consistency of design, this car wrap will compliment the launch beautifully.
Magazine advertisement
As part of the initial launch, there is a full page advertisement in the Wallpaper* magazine. Being a magazine of high quality and a known source of style and luxury within the architecturally inclined seekers of a designing lifestyle community, I feel it perfectly reflects the ideals of the MAYV target audience. I chose to feature the slender blue MAYV bottle on the printed advertisement. By keeping the words to a minimum allows the support graphics to engage the viewer at an emotional level, thus intensifying the clear call to action, being the web address (, and the non-invasive direction to ‘follow #mayvspirit’ on social media, as this generation research their purchases on line before going in store.
Advertising online
Here, the MAYV logo is supported by the bottle. I’ve placed the online Wallpaper* advertisement on a white background in order to give total focus to product and logo, as it will be competing on the Wallpaper* home page in the same three second first impression visual, as the other content. The product angle directs the eye to the MAYV logo, tag line, web address and call to action. A soft way to introduce MAYV to these discerning viewers and inspire them to visit the MAYV website.
The external design and visual appeal is just one element in creating a successful brand identity. As a result of thorough research and understanding of the target audience, and an appreciation for the history of product, I feel I have arrived at a highly appealing solution. One that successfully expresses the essence of the brand. It has the support of elements that create a consistent visual appeal all to potentise the brand identity. A logo that reflects the urban environment in which the target audience lives, works and plays. It is a beautiful structure from which all is expanded from, the canvas from which life is painted upon, and all being inspired by SPIRITED. The spirit which represents a break away from tradition, a way of being, thinking and relating. It fuels the promise of tomorrow’s dreams and breathes fresh adventure into daily ideals. As the new kid on the block, MAYV will lead the evolution of Scotch whisky.
Selina Kidd
Graphic Designer
Gold Coast, Australia
MAYV #mayvspirit

MAYV #mayvspirit

I’m excited to share with you my solution for a recent product branding. My aim was to create a new identity for a whisky label that will appeal Read More