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    Final pieces used in my A' level graphic design course.
This project details the final pieces of my graphics A' levels.
Unit 1. Typography.
For this piece I had to create a typographical piece based on a poem to be displayed in an advert space on a tube.

Grade Achieved: B
Unit 2. Marc Ribot CD cover.
For the second brief of the year I had to produce a CD sleeve for a Cuban fusion artist called Marc Ribot. I decided not to focus so much on the Cuban side of the music and more the nature of the music. This lead to the watercolor explosion design seen above.

Grade Achieved: B
Unit 3 Exam Brief. Eye of the Lens.
For the final exam of my AS year I produced this poster. It consists of a photomontage/ manipulation around the camera using my own images and a font that I designed specifically for the piece. Earlier versions had more ornate titles, but I felt the simplicity of the sans-serif font was better for the design.

Grade Achieved: A
Unit 4. Zine's.
The brief for my Unit 4 project was around the theme of identity. I chose to do a social commentary on the effects of clothing on other people's perception of your "identity". This was the result. The use of color is the only real marked difference between the two sides but the difference made is huge.