Kasian Architecture
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Kasian Architecture Complete Brand Identity
Kasian Architecture was established in 1985 by Don Kasian and in recent years has seen rapid expansion, embracing markets in diverse locations such as China, India, and Dubai. With such rapid growth out of Western Canada into Ontario and internationally, Kasian saw the need to clarify and solidify its Brand Experience for its now national and international clients and partners.
Coming out of an extensive Audit and Planning process came the new Brand Essence: "Inspired Thinking Liberates Potential". The new logomark, the "Spark of Inspiration", represents that spark of an idea, a reference that during their work.
A Brand Platform was created that would become the backbone for all future applications. The complexity of the project included looking at color and its cultural and religious relevance in Asian countries where Kasian was expanding; finding typefaces that suited the new Kasian Brand Essence and were "inspirational" yet functional enough to enable multiple purchases for 600 employees and use across mac and PC platforms; dealing with metric and imperial sizing for print material; creating materials in Chinese and Arabic; and a complex catalogue tracking system of numbering elements for future control and management.

BrandStrategy, Audits, Logomark, Identity System, Stationery, Print Collateral,Forms, Ad Templates, Exterior & Interior Signage System, Site Signage,Website Creative Direction.