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    A minute long animation for a brand new type of keyboard, this is the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard!
I recently finished a minute long promo animation about a brand new type of keyboard!
The client was the Ultimate Gadget Laboratories and they just want to start a Kickstarter campaign to finance their newest keyboard idea. They asked me to create a short animation to introduce their product's features and to introduce the world this innovation :)
If you are interested in this keyboard please visit their site and follow them on the social media sites!
In the beginning of the work I recieved their CAD model, which I had to retopo to make a proper mesh and to create a good looking non-triangulated reflections and specular.
These are the very first post-processed images where I just added some textures and materials to the objects and set up most of things for animation.
We discussed and did several alternatives to visualize the keymaps. This was probably the hardest part, because I wasn't sure if I need to make it in 2D or in 3D...
Texture mask for the keyboard. I created the texture from their vector images. Original texture size was 8192*4096.
Final rendering tests:
1.: Beauty
2.: Ambient Occlusion
3.: Depth
4.: Final post processed render
The upcoming images were created for their website to illustrate some their features and to have high-resolution print ready images for the media.
You can download all of them in the following link: