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Kowloon Dairy "Fresh Milk" Campaign | web & print

Digital Art
Kowloon Dairy fresh milk campaign (web & print)
Art Direction | Web Design

After spending the first 6 weeks to come up with a concept (went through 4 rounds), 1 week to design the visuals and 12 weeks to art direct and work with Tim on the 5 visuals. (We had to publish this project in 2 parts, as it is massive, please check out the making of the visuals here)
My team and I spent 8 weeks to get all the assets ready, designed all the print ads and adaptations, built and animated the site, as well as produced over 30 different artworks. The campaign is finally launched via 2million dollars worth of medias.
It has been a really great experience working on this campaign, especially for the digital part (lots of trial and error). The site was animated with "CSS Image Sprites". We did comeacross a BIG BUMP in between, because C4D doesn't allow us to export all the objects WITH the shadows. In order to create smooth animations with all the details and shadows, we had to photoshop over 1200 trucks, 400 ferries, 1600 trams, lots of cows, lots of blinking lights, over 1000 bits and pieces of assets. Painful but I hope everyone enjoyed the outcome. THANK YOU!!! (more will be added gradually)


I did a rough gif stimulation of the animations here
Did some posters for fun, in memory of the crazy css "sprites" we made..
Here's just a very little part of the assets..
Extremely close up shot.. I did a little batch with 4 sets of reflections and shadows
I think I made 35 of these, photoshopped each sets individually..........
Newspapers (more will be added)
Outdoor medias around Central (giagantic milk carton came out nicely)
Delivery Truck!
Did some POSM (wobblers and shelf stripes)
available at supermarkets, 7-11 and CircleK (more will be added)
MTR billboards are quite hard to capture
coz there are a lot of people and safety gates at the rail, it's hard to take a good one
We went into the train and the billboard was right outside.
Kowloon Dairy "Fresh Milk" Campaign | web & print

Kowloon Dairy "Fresh Milk" Campaign | web & print

How Fresh is "Fresh"? In order to educate and define the meaning of "real freshness", Kowloon Dairy wants to launch a campaign and reaffirm that Read More