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    An Advertising assignment to aware the public of global warming issue, and to increase brand image and product sales of client (Olympus).
Today, the seven deadly sins are no longer personal. Every sin that we personally committed might not only harm the people around us but the world. These sinful thinking and actions that we make are leading us many steps closer to the end of the world. It’s time to understand the sins that we have committed daily and reveal them to the others for public awareness. In the purpose of paying back to the community, raising the public awareness towards this issue and at the same time promote the brand products. Olympus has decided to held a photograph competition. Now the audience can save world by participating in this photography competition and all they need to do is only reveal the committed sins with any Olympus camera and submit a series of 7 photographs that can show the seven deadly sins that we human committed to the official website. The top 3 creative and talented photographers will be awarded 10% of the auction price of their works. If the talents decided to donate their prizes for charity, Olympus will pay their kindness with an awesome Olympus camera. This campaign will help Olympus to build brand image, increase the sales of camera as well as increase the number of potential buyers.
The 9 weeks teaser

This is a 9 weeks teaser campaign that will held in selected shopping malls. For the first week, it will be only the official contest poster and 6 images of the official model struggling whether to confess their sins. For the next 7 weeks, one sin will be revealed weekly and replace the previous photograph of the selected model. These 7 official sin confession photographs are for inspiration purposes. In order to promote the Olympus camera better, the sin photographs will be published along with the model of camera that used to capture the image. In that case, audience will get to understand better which camera they should use to get certain quality and effect that they would like to achieve. This idea can help to explore the possibility of increasing camera sales.
First week
Second week
The following week
- when another official sin confession photograph is up, the previous photograph will be taken down. This is to help the audience get better focus on the sin of the week.
The official sin confession photographs
Anger leads to horror attack
Lust caused over-population
Glutton caused more green house effect
Envy leads to murder & environment contamination
Greed leads to health harming
Reveal the Inner side

Print out the iconic camera frame image and paste it everywhere that oftenly expose to the public. The images that printed within the frame should be the inner side of the surface that the sticker pasted on. The objective of this ambience teaser campaign is to create buzz among the public and with the official website url printed along with the frame, audience can check the website if they are interested or curious about this teaser campaign.
For instance, the reveal inner side frame has been paste on the bus and the image shown within the frame is the image of bus engine.
Image of soil printed within the frame sticker that pasted on floor.
The Official Website

From every media that we show to public, everything is driving the traffic to the official website. Audience can find every details they want to know on this website. Also, if they missed out the shopping mall wall sin confession photographs inspiration, they can check it back here on the website and get even more detailed information of the Olympus camera models. Better, they can click on the camera model and it will leads the audience to Olympus official website and they can do the deal there. Besides, participants can submit their creative photographs through the website and view other’s confession for further inspiration. In that case, they can also share ideas and discuss further about the global warming issue.

Also, there is a page linking the audience to join the hype on Twitter. This can help reaching more target audience. By following Olympus confession twitter account, followers can tweet their confession of seven deadly sins or comment about other’s committed sins in words to create hype and inspire others or win themselves an Olympus camera for tweeting the most creative confession of sins.
We have buy spaces on facebook to advertise/promote the competition of new century 7 deadly sins confession.
Besides facebook, we promote our sin confession competition on one of the Malaysia's top english newspaper website too.
Confession of Sins Exhibition

Olympus will select the creative submitted photographs and put them in the confession of sins exhibition. All the selected photographs will be open for auction. All the money will go for charity purposes.

The top 3 creative and talented photographers will be awarded 10% of the auction price of their works. More importantly, if the talents decided to donate their prizes for charity, Olympus will pay their kindness with an awesome, latest Olympus camera.
At the last week, all the teaser photographs and poster will be replaced by the confessed photographs of the model and a official poster about the exhibition.
she confessed.
she confessed.
ops. he too.

and you?

Shooting Crew

Photograph by Tzeyee
Assist by Replay Ong
Lighting set up by Replay Ong
Tools prepare by Tzeyee
Preparation assist by Shiau Fong Tang
Model make up by Ling Chong
Model: Jasmine Sam, Ee Loe Lim & Replay Ong