Using Adobe Photoshop's new Generative Fill to create AI-assisted illustrations.

The idea was to test Adobe's new AI tool to create props for some Street Scenery, praising both the effective results as well as the imperfections.
AI Disclaimer: I don't support using AI only to generate visuals and call it art, however when tools like this are implemented correctly they can open up new paths for artists and help achieve results much quicker than without them.
The illustrations depict the evolution of urban environments as they progressively
get more merged with Hi-tech inventions and advancements.
Part of the objective was to maintain an overall warm and positive feeling throughout the scenes.
First piece, cruising back to the busy city on this very hot day
Second Piece, during that day, in another part of the city walking and observing technology's evolution while people just casually go about their day
Third piece, same day in an alley of the city these cars driving fast
And here's a small breakdown of the scenes:
Went for a very warm sunny day setting.
One of the most interesting results is the AI's inaccurate ability to generate readable text, which totally rocks visually. In the cases that it is readable, the word is just random letters which again is very interesting visually.

Also the tower on the left shows some inaccurate structure results that are worth for generating reference.
Another part of the city, a blend of corporate and urban elements, a place where both new and old things co-exist.
The result of Traffic Light was so interesting and immersive I just had to keep it.
Also interesting how the AI thinks of perspective and the environment's surroundings.
Meanwhile in an alley during that day.
This one has very cinematic qualities with more realistic surfaces.
Again, the imperfections on the text signs make the tool that much more awesome
Thanks for viewing!
Future Visions

Future Visions