A Trip to Infinity

A Trip to Infinity

”A Trip to Infinity” is a scientific documentary film on Netflix where eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into the concept of infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.

The filmmakers wanted to convey the fascinating scientific concepts through dynamic visualisations and animations. A selected group of directors, studios and motion designers were asked to contribute with one or more sequence each.

The result is a mesmerising film consisting of an eclectic collection of styles – from traditional cel-animation to programmed visuals.

The film is a co-production between Room608 in NY and MakeMake in LA.
Infinity is a Circle

One of the sequences we animated and directed was titled "Infinity is a Circle”.

Here, circles and number lines are used as examples of different kinds of infinities, to illustrate how some infinities are bigger than others(!). We were given a lot of creative freedom in how we could interpret the material visually.

The big challenge was to visualise something that, in fact, cannot be visualised.

We also had to make sure that the illustrations and animations were not contradicting the actual mathematics behind the concepts of the film.

Our approach, therefore, became primarily abstract. The specific design solutions consisted of a few simplified elements and geometric shapes representing different concepts and points from the dialogue in the interviews.

The story builds upon something quite simple and tangible to more and more advanced concepts. As new concepts are introduced, the visuals become more abstract, allowing the viewer to follow the scientific trains of thought through visual metaphors, still true to the underlying physics and logic.

A rich colour palette works as a contrast to filmed footage in black and white. Circles make up most of the visuals, reflecting the theme of the sequence. The different elements are played up or down according to the subjects discussed and change of mood in the film. This makes the entire sequence visually coherent, while also making each idea presented distinct.

First, the ideas shown are simple and playful. This is shown through the use of rich colours and a lively animation style. As we go deeper into the more advanced mathematics of infinity, and introduce the concept of multiple infinities, the animation is toned down and the colour palette gets more limited.
Blending live-action and graphics

By sparingly integrating graphics with the live-action, we were able to add an extra layer of variation to the film. This not only enhanced the conceptual message, but also contributed to a more seamless and cohesive flow.
Looking For Infinity

For the introduction titled "Looking For Infinity" we supported the experts with motion design in introducing the main concept, attempting to convey the truly boundless nature of infinity.

The scene's main narrator uses numbers to illustrate that even if you started counting from the day you were born, you would never come close to reaching infinity — because infinity is, by definition, endless.

We therefore decided to depict an ever-expanding sea of numbers filling up the screen, drawing the viewer into the vastness of infinity. The scene builds up from abstract close-ups of numbers to a kaleidoscopic composition representing the mind-bending nature of infinity as a concept.

We carefully orchestrated the timing and flow of the numbers to create a sense of random harmony. This approach gave viewers the impression of the numbers going on forever, while maintaining visually pleasing and engaging imagery. Our rich colour palette further enhanced this harmonious randomness, adding even more variation and vitality
to the scene.
Official trailer including the work of the other invited artists and studios.

Best of Show + Gold at Visuelt 2023 - Open Category
A Trip to Infinity

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A Trip to Infinity

”A Trip to Infinity” is a scientific documentary film on Netflix where eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into the Read More