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    Series of 1 column infographics/illustrations about world cup history
Series of 1 column infographics/illustrations about the FIFA world cup, published in "i".
Telegram from Mussolini to the italian squad (1938): Win or die
After the 1954 final, the West Germany team was under suspicion of doping. In 2010, one of the last survivors of that squad told i's reporter that they had been injected with vitamin C
Pickles, the dog who saved the world cup. The trophy was stolen but the collie found it one week before the beginning of the tournament
World cup 1974 was published on international childrens day. Each section of the newspaper had one b/w illusration for children to color, we decided this should be sport's contribution, if it had been published in full color it would look like the one on the left
The hand of god. Turns out that god is only 20 cm shorter than Peter Shilton, England's goalkeeper
Carlos Valderrama has type IV curly air
Cristiano Ronaldo dislikes the vuvuzela but respects those who blow it and make noise (his words)