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Additional Design Projects
Additional Design Works
Smaller design works
The images below show smaller projects that weren't big enough to have their own page, but are interesting none-the-less.

See image caption for details.
Floor standing ambient light utilising the properties of polished acrylic.
Wall mounted stationary/pen organiser. Old poster tubes and coffee pots were cut to length and then glued together. Expanding foam was used to fill the gaps, and it was mounted to the wall above my desk.
Rapid prototyped model of a kitchen whisk casing with retractable casing produced for a university project.
Zip-tied some floppy disks together to make a pot. Saved them from landfill too. 
Above and Below: Got hold of about 60 old floppy disks, layed out a pattern, mounted them, and hung on wall. Saved them from landfill and brightened up my studio.
Additional Design Projects