Michael & Markus

Dive into the dynamic collaboration between Pablo Chico, Brand and Web Designer, OPHION Frontend, and the visionary studio Michael and Markus, based in Madrid. Tasked with redefining their brand and website, we forged a dynamic identity that breathes life into various isotypes.

At the heart of this project lies a Python script for Cinema 4D, a digital ballet where geometric figures move randomly within defined spaces, never occupying the same three-dimensional realm. This dynamic script, a visual metaphor for Michael and Markus's creative chaos, mirrors their philosophy in every execution.

Beyond the digital dance, our journey extended to crafting an immersive website, an exploration into the studio's multifaceted creativity. Join us in celebrating the fusion of code and design, where the logo isn't static but a living symbol of innovation. Michael and Markus haven't just gained a brand; they've embraced a dynamic identity that evolves with every script run. Welcome to vision based on movement – welcome to the Michael and Markus experience.


Branding Design: Pablo Chico
Website Design: Pablo Chico
Website Development: Ophion Studio
Motion and movement: Michael & Markus

Visit www.michaelandmarkus.com to check the full live Branding & UI design
and review the amazing work from Michael & Markus

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Michael & Markus

Michael & Markus

Branding and Web design project for Michael & Markus, VFX & Motion studio. Web development by Ophion Studio. Dynamic branding with 4131 possibil Read More