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    A poem about a black lamb who wanted to study Black Art in Prague.
Black Lamb
by Masha Obradovic
Once there was a black lamb, far away
In the flock was never in array
Sign of Libra reigned at her birthday,
Great fixation – Black Art to convey.
She boarded the train, with no delay,
And set off in Golden Prague to stay
Toward hidden knowledge, which would prey
And summoning devil to assay.
But, in Prague was such a dampy spray
Rain was pouring from the skies of gray
Fleece got soaking wet, started to weigh
Hungry stomack's craving for buffet.
Strenght betrayed her from stoutness to stray,
Had some coffee that tasted like whey
Wondered why she took this odyssey
Magic choosed to fully disobey!
She turned home, but upheaval's at play!
In the passport seal was washed away!
Had no money for customs to pay,
Even photo wasn't her portrait!
At Police she gained the dossier,
That recorded all sorts of risque
Thus, my children, listen what I say:
Look for devil, and you'll find it, yeah!