Final logo of the event
Backdrop print for press conferences
Logo of the event
Logo in vertical with cinema
Logo Bilingual with cinema, divider and patterns
Profile image for facebook
Cover for facebook page
Poster 70x100cm
with Sponsors
Rollup 85x200cm ( 1/2 ) Just Festival
Rollups 85x200cm ( sequence ) 
RollUps Mockup
Outdoor banners
A5 page Booklet of the Festival's programm
A4 Booklet with the curriculum vitae of the 4 guest
Screens for the projections of the films.
Application on the Golden sponsor's car ( side )
Application on the Golden sponsor's car ( front )
TShirts for the volunteers ( with the sponsor on the back )
Our volunteers with the Tshirts and the sponsor
Poster for Parallel events / photography exibition
"WHEN PHOTOGRAPHS TALK" by Fotis Natsioulis, Photographer @Larissa, GREECE