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Linfa Vitale

Botanique 2011, in collaboration with BolognaEstate
Linfa Vitale at BOtanique
Within BOtanique 2011, Apparati Effimeri present a project called LINFA VITALE, lifeblood, an architectural video projection which will liven up the façade of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures (via Filippo Re), marking the passage from a live concert to another.
This three-dimensional performance is dedicated to the great tradition of the botanic studies of the Bolognese School and focuses on “the garden”.
Within a dreamlike atmosphere, the audience will be taken to an extraodinary journey through the different types of Hortus. The audience will be able to glimpse the 18th-century Italian garden and the Romantic English garden; it will be possible to recognize the fascinations of some of the most representative typologies of greenhouse, like the famous Crystal Palace and of the contemporary green walls, vertical gardens which grow directly on a façade.
LINFA VITALE is a 3D story which arises from the study of ancient herbals. Bologna itself played an important role in order to build up the tradition of botany. In fact Ulisse Aldrovandi introduced a methodology which was to become a reference for the following studies of plant life.
Starting from this impressive and eclectic iconographical documentation, full of references to peculiar figures and often to mythological human and vegetal teratology, Apparati Effimeri will carry out 3D effects that show the most advanced technical innovations in the field of Visual Architectural Mapping.
This extraordinary projection will give life to magical architectures, to a fabulous encounter between old science and contemporary technology.