Puppet Making Portfolio
Maquette of Goddess Venus. Plasticine on wire armature. Felting wool to show hair placement
Completed puppet of Goddess Venus. Made of Foam, Liquid latex, polyurethane resin, fabric and felting wool. Ball and socket and wire armature.
Vincent Van Gogh Puppet. Ball and socket armature. Made of foam, fabric, liquid latex and polyurethane resin replacement faces.
Original Vincent Puppet. Wire armature, Painted fabric, Resin face with plasticine elements.
Work in progress sculpt of Lana Del Rey. Plasticine over wire
Completed sculpt of Lana Del Rey. Plasticine over wire, painted using acrylic 
1950's Woman in dress. Ball and socket armature, wire armatured dress. Resin head with plasticine elements. 
Maquette for college student, plasticine over wire, painted with acrylic paints.
Ball and socket armature for puppet. Resin head with armatured hair
Partially completed puppet. Clothes made of fabric with wire armature. Head made of resin with plasticine elements.
selection of replacement resin mouths for lipsync, held into place with magnets.
Tiny detail on shirt. Wire armatured fabric, stitched with a sewing machine, polymer clay buttons.
Puppet on set ready to be animated.
remodelling of puppet. resin face, synthetic hair.
Maquette of a miniature me. polymer clay over wire, painted using acrylic paints
Maquette of 'sexy female inventor'. Plasticine over wire, painted with acrylic paints
Maquette of Twin Tailed Siren. Plasticine over wire.
Selection of mouths for lipsync, Made of polymer clay, painted in acrylic paint
Sheep for British Animation Awards (BAA). Wire armature, upholstery sponge and polymer clay.
completed sheep for BAA. Painted in acrylic paint.
Old man from 'Pandoras Box'. RTS award winner. Ball and socket armature, fabric painted in acrylic and plasticine face.
1950s inspired head sculpt.
Penguins made of polyurethane resin. arms and legs made of plasticine with wire armature on K&S 
Maquette of hairy nun. Plasticine over wire, painted in acrylic
Puppet Making Portfolio

Puppet Making Portfolio

A small selection of completed stop motion puppets and maquettes
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